MobilioDevelopment Impressive Application Development Wed, 17 Jun 2015 01:04:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pharmacode – Pharmaceutical Barcode Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:29:25 +0000 Pharmacode (also known as Pharmaceutical Binary Code) is a one-dimensional (1D) barcode used all over the world. It is a specific type barcode standard used mainly in the pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pharmacode barcode is used for Online Security Control of the pharmaceutical packaging  process. You can find the Pharmacode barcode on the packaging of any pharmaceutical products, usually it is on the outside of the packaging containing the medicine. The purpose of this barcode is not general like the Code39 barcode and Code128 barcode. Due to its importance it is designed to be error proof or said in other words – still to provide you with the encoded information despite printing mistakes.

The high printing tolerance and the option of printing the barcode in multiple colors makes the Pharmacode barcode a practical format. This type of barcode allows detecting off line and on line to verify each label. Pharmacode assigned in-house to identify the material and its design revision. Also there is no human readable part in the Pharmacode barcode.


Different types of PharmaCode Barcodes

Pharmacode barcode can store only numeric data from 3 to 131070. This is one of the features that differ Pharmacode barcode from the other 1D barcodes. Also Pharmacode uses only one type of spaces and two types of bars – wide and narrow. Moreover the information is not stored in decimal, it is stored in binary. Scanners read it from right to left and the principles they use to decipher the barcode is very simple: the figure is a sum where the narrow bars are 2n and the wide bars are 2*2n. The first value, that n takes when the reader, is on the right is 0. So basically the smallest number that can be encoded is 3 (two narrow bars where the sum will respectively be 20 +21=3) and the biggest – 131070 (16 wide bars).

scaning pharmacode barcodes

Scaning PharmaCode Barcodes

So now you want to know from where to get a range of Phamacodes?

There is no a special organization that sells ranges of Pharmacode barcodes. And this is the other thing that differ this barcode from the other barcodes like EAN & UPC barcodes. They can bought from the GS1’s website. Also there is no a standard of the Pharmacode barcodes. All companies that produce medicine and are part of the pharmaceutical industry generate Pharmacode barcodes on their own and they are assigned in-house to identify.

How to generate Pharmacode barcodes?

In case you have a range of Pharmacodes, you will want to encode them into barcodes. In order to generate Pharmacode barcode you can use PharmaCodeEncoder or BarcodeEncoder. PharmaCodeEncoder and BarcodeEncoder are barcode generators that create fully-functional Pharmacode barcodes that can be exported in PNG, EPS and SVG file format. They are developed for Mac OSX. Download now these two barcode creators from the Mac AppStore. If you have some problems while using the PharmaCodeEncoder you can watch this video tutorial. It will help you and show you all functions of the PharmaCodeEncoder. Screenshots and video tutorial of the BarcodeEncoder you can find on it’s product page.

These software products are very useful, especially in this case when you have a range of codes. In stead of entering every single Pharmacode, generating it and then saving it, you can use the Automator. The  Automator is used for bulk barcode generation (making more than one barcode simultaneously). After generating the Pharmacode barcodes you can export them in EPS, SVG and PNG file format. There is a special video tutorial about the Automator. Watch it now and you will see it for yourself how useful is this feature.

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How to buy UPC barcodes? Thu, 12 Sep 2013 12:26:18 +0000 In my previous article I have shown you the process of buying EAN codes from the GS1 UK. Now I will help you with How to buy UPC barcode. For those of you who might not know, UPC (Universal Product Code) is 1D barcode that is used only in the USA and Canada. There are two types of UPC codes: UPC-A (used for marking products which are sold in the USA and Canada) and UPC-E (It is the short form of representation of a UPC-A number. It is used for identifying products in small packages). So if you are looking for a place or a website from where to buy a range of UPC-A codes and/or UPC-E codes – GS1 is the only one organisation that can help you. GS1 is a world wide, not for profit association that set standards globally, using unique numbers to ensure products are easily and errorless identified. There are Member Organisations in over one hundred countries globally. In order to buy a range of UPC-A codes and/or UPC-E codes you have to visit the regional, for your country, website of GS1. It depends on where you are from. For example if you are from Germany and you want to sell your products in the USA and/or Canada you have to visit: But if you are from the USA, you will have to visit: in order to buy a range of UPC codes. More information about GS1, you can find in their “About us” section. If you have already found the website of GS1 that you need, I will shows a few simple steps that you have to follow in order to purchase a range of UPC codes. I will be working with the GS1 US:, but the process is similar with all of the GS1’s websites.

Purchasing UPC codes from the GS1 US

First you have to find the official website of the GS1 US or simply click on this link: There you will find a few boxes that show the services that GS1 US supports. In case you are already a member of the GS1 US society and you have a GS1 company Prefix, select “I have a GS1 Company Prefix“. But if you are not a member of the GS1 society, first you have to select “I’m new to GS1 US“.

I need UPC barcodes from GS1 US

I need a barcode

There you will see some information and a video that would be useful to read and watch. Now you can select “Click here to read more” in order to see the “GS1 Company Prefix New Pricing“:

GS1 US Company Prefix New Pricing of UPC barcodes

GS1 Company Prefix New Pricing

Then you can select from the previous page “Let’s get started“. There you will see some condition you have to complete in order to get your Company Prefix:

1) You have to estimate your barcode needs and fees;

2) You have to fill their online application (Primary Contact, Primary Contact Address, Executive Contact, Executive Contact Address, Company Information and Payment);

3) You have to submit your payment online or by mail;

Company Prefix from GS1 US to buy UPC barcode

Company Prefix

After you give the information that is necessary and pay for the code you will get the range of the UPC codes on your e-mail. By default you will receive 1000 UPC codes. And this is the end of buying UPC codes. Now it is time to encode these codes into barcodes.

Now it is time for generating UPC barcodes

In order to generate UPC barcodes you can use UPCEncoder or BarcodeEncoder. BarcodeEncoder and UPCEncoder are barcode generators that create 100% compliant UPC barcodes, that can be exported in PNG, EPS and SVG format. These two generators are developed for Mac OSX. Download them now from the Mac AppStore. Here is a special video tutorial about UPCEncoder. It demonstrates almost all functions of the UPCEncoder. Video tutorial and screenshots of the BarcodeEncoder you can find on it’s product page.

These software products are very useful, especially in this case when you have a range of codes. In stead of entering every single code, generating it and then saving it, you can use the Automator. The  Automator is used for bulk barcode generation (making more than one barcode simultaneously). After generating the UPC barcodes you can export them in EPS, SVG and PNG format. There is a special video tutorial about the Automator and it is used. Watch it and you will see it for yourself how useful is this feature.

So, this is the whole process of buying UPC codes, generating UPC barcodes and exporting them. If you have some question or you just want to share your opinion feel free to do so by contacting with us on our e-mail address:

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How to buy EAN barcodes? Tue, 10 Sep 2013 13:13:29 +0000 EAN (European Article Number) is one-dimensional barcode that is widely used all over the world. There are five types of EAN codes: EAN-14, EAN-13, EAN-8, EAN-5 and EAN-2. If you want to buy a range of EAN-13 (a.k.a GTIN-13) codes and/or EAN-8 (a.k.a GTIN-8) codes, GS1 is the perfect place to do it. GS1 is a global non-profit association that set standards globally, using unique numbers to ensure products are easily and accurately identified. There are Member Organisations in over one hundred countries all over the world. In order to purchase a range of barcode you have to visit the regional GS1’s website depending on where are you living. For example if you are from France, you have to visit:, but if you are from UK you have to visit: But wait, you have already found these sites!? And you have problems with the process of buying the EAN codes from the GS1? Read “How to buy EAN barcodes?” and you will find out how to deal with these problems. Here are a few simple steps showing you how to buy a range of GTIN-13 and/or GTIN-8 codes from the GS1 UK.

Purchasing EAN codes from GS1 UK

First you have to find the official website of GS1 UK or simply click on this link: . There you will find a few boxes of services that GS1 supports. From the box that says “Need a bar code?” select “Get a bar code“.


Get a bar code

Here you will have to read the information in order to continue. For example it would be useful for you to read what are the benefits of joining GS1 UK or the Memberships fees (Joining Fee & Annual License Fee).

benefits and fees of joining GS1- EAN barcode

Benefits of joining GS1 UK and Membership fees

After this you can go further by selecting “Join now“. Now you have to fill the information about your Company Address, Company information and Personal details. After filling the information select Next. Then continue filling the information until you finish the process of registration your company in order to be a member of the GS1 UK. After paying the fees you get the first range of EAN-13 (GTIN-13) code, which is 1000 codes by default. You will receive the range of EAN-13 codes on your e-mail. And this is the end of buying codes. Now you have to generate barcodes in order to use these codes, that you have just bought.

Now it is time for generating EAN barcodes

In order to generate EAN barcodes you can use EANEncoder or the BarcodeEncoder. EANEncoder and BarcodeEncoder are barcode generators that create full-functional EAN barcodes that can be exported in PNG, EPS and SVG format. It is developed for Mac OSX. Download them now from the Mac AppStore and start them up. If you have some problems while using the EANEncoder you can watch this video tutorial. It will help you and show you almost all functions of the EANEcoder. Video tutorial and screenshots of the BarcodeEncoder you can find on it’s product page.

These software products are very useful, especially in this case when you have a range of codes. In stead of entering every single code, generating it and then saving it, you can use the Automator. The  Automator is used for bulk barcode generation (making more than one barcode simultaneously). After generating the EAN barcodes you can export them in EPS, SVG and PNG format. There is a special video tutorial about the Automator and it is used. Watch it and you will see it for yourself how useful is this feature.

So, this is the whole process of buying EAN codes, generating EAN barcodes and exporting them. If you have some question feel free to contact with us on our e-mail:

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5 Additional Things You Can Learn About Your Site With SEOSpyder Fri, 23 Aug 2013 10:45:47 +0000 Ask any SEO optimizer about the way he/she works and you will undoubtedly hear them naming tools like Xenu or ScreamingFrog SEO Spider that do a perfect job when it comes down to fixing 404s, finding images without alt tags or links with anchor text that’s too long. This is all good, but in the last 2-3 years search engines (Google in particular) have become “smarter” and now they take into account facts like social signals (Facebook likes, Tweets or G+ shares), whether all your internal links are relative, how your site behaves when visited by a mobile device, etc. To put it bluntly – due to the dynamic nature of SEO, the ultimate site crawling tool has to be flexible. It has to be customizable and provide a wide functional spectrum to the user.


SEOSpyder – the Pro version

So what are the advantages of the SEOSpyder, which is a fresher software, over crawling veterans like Xenu Link Sleuth:

  • Custom user-made filters;
  • Integration with other SEO services, a lot of social metadata for every link;
  • Crawl a site with a mobile bot and check out the time it takes the server to process it;
  • Find detailed information about the rel attribute of a link, whether it is relative or absolute, the shortest path to that link from the root directory and all H tags and their lengths on a particular page;
  • Many little, “quality-of-life” additions that make an optimizer’s life easier.

Custom User-Made Filters – Definitely a Must-See Feature


Custom user-made filters possess great analytical potential. But what does that mean in terms of numbers – that you can study the links in thousands of different ways? Well how does UNLIMITED sound? When constructing a custom filter the user can choose among 80 parameters, meaning that the number of possible filter combinations is in the THOUSANDS, which can really make a difference when experimenting or testing out new approaches in SEO. As an example, you could easily construct a filter that shows you all the images that are .png (including those that are in the css file), are greater than 50Kb and have a loading time of more than 2 seconds. Another good example is when you are starting an internal linking campaign for your barcode products. You can make a filter that will show you all HTML pages that contain the word “barcode” in their titles and have less than 2 Internal Out Links. This feature of the software offers great product personalization and in-depth reporting. It is like a cooking recipe – reading the recipe you might presume that the dish would be delicious with the mentioned ingredients, but you have to try it to feel the real taste. Keep reading to learn how you can download the free version to get a taste of our product.

seospyder-view-optionsEven though the product is mainly a crawling service, the SEOSpyder provides its users with a number of essential SEO and Social metrics. If, some time ago, it was enough to just have good, relative content, with a few good and strong links, nowadays the picture is changed. Social platforms are growing bigger and bigger and search engines are accounting for that. It is important how you build your profile in these networks, what you talk about, what you share, tweet, follow. Roughly said social networks are like one giant voting machine and the more your products are socialized – the better. Therefore, for every link, SEOSpyder also retrieves Google Authorship Publisher and Author tags, which allows you to study the connection between yourself and your brand with your website, the Open Graph Elements, which determine what metadata is passed to the social sites when the page is shared And that is not everything, regarding social, that the SEOSpyder service can show you.

Checking Out a Set of SEO and Social Metrics


SEOSpyder – view social signals with SEOAuditor


SEOAuditor is now integrated in the SEOSpyder

The SEOSpyder is strongly integrated with products like the SEOAuditor which allow you to audit a particular link for its SEO metrics like Google PR, Alexa Rank or SEOMoz DA & PA. What is more, with it you get access to the Facebook likes, Tweets and G+ shares of this particular link.


SEOPingler is now integrated in the SEOSpyder

If you know what “pinging” is – an SEO term, used regularly, then SEOSpyder has one more pleasant surprise for you. Apart from the SEOAuditor, you can also benefit from the SEOPingler when right clicking on an URL. When pinging a link, you’re basically telling search engine bots to come and index it, which means that they can visit your site not only when they want, but when you want as well.

Even though browsers don’t “read” them, and they are not mandatory for quality SEO nowadays (bu who knows what Google might come up with in a future update), rel attributes of the HREF alements are recommended as they provide useful metadata for the crawlers. It is good to tell the bot that this link leads to the author of the article (rel=”author”), to a help page (rel=”help”) or that the document is connected with a particular keyword/tag (rel=”someKeyword”). Therefore, SEOSpyder gives these rel attrs and even allows you to find all In/Out links with particular value of the rel attribute (for example rel=”software”) by building a custom filter. That’s what we call great analytical power!


With SEOSpyder you can see the rel attr of a link and whether it is absolute or not

There is another practice, that is again not mandatory, but is credential – to make your internal links relative. That leads to the next useful and unique feature of the SEOSpyder – in the bottom window, especially in the Internal Out Links, you can check out the “Absolute” and see which of your internal URLs are relative and which are not.

Shortest Path – Least Steps from the Index Page

Very often people wonder why would they need the “Shortest Path” tab in the bottom window. Understandably a page can be accessed from many other pages but the shortest path shows you the one with least steps starting from the root directory. Thanks to this option, one of our beta testers found that the contact form on their website is 5 clicks away from their main page. With average page views of 3.4 per visitor they started to realize why the number of requests they get is so low. Another useful application of the “Shortest path” is for detecting 404’s easily.


SEOSpyder in process of crawling

If the Spyder tells you that your site has a 404 ,like:×480-75.jpg , you can go to “Shortest path” and check the page on which the image appears (or actually should appear), go to the page and remove the link. If it appears on more than 1 page, use the “In Links” tab to perform the exact same job, informing yourself about all the pages where the pic should be visible.


SEOSpyder – header tags in details

Before adopting the SEOSpyder, I used the ScreamingFrog SEO Spider, which is, undoubtedly, a good crawling software, but couldn’t bring me that 100% efficiency I was looking for. On my websites I very often put more than 2 H2 or H3 tags – something that the “squawking” software can’t detect. Then I found the SEOSpyder, which shows you all the H1, H2 and H3 tags, per page with their lengths.

Crawling with Mobile Bot and Time It Takes the Server for Processing It


The new Google rule about load time of a mobile site

According to the latest paradigm of Google, a mobile site should load in no more than 1s from which 600ms are for the server side and 400ms for the client (browser) side. Luckily, SEOSpyder allows you to crawl your site with a mobile bot (GoogleBot mobile) or with a mobile browser (Safari iPhone or Android Tablet). Moreover, in the top of the window, among the total 36 characteristics, you can find the column “Duration”, which shows the exact server-side time for processing.  Quite handy and still unavailable among competitive software of this type.

In conclusion, the market of site crawling software, comprised of Xenu, ScreamingFrog SEO Spider and our SEOSpyder is still developing and evolving. These are products that alleviate every SEO optimizer and therefore are getting used by more and more people. Currently, SEOSpyder is the new performer on the stage, who definitely has more to show for and develop in the future. It is up to the users and SEO experts who have to say whether it stands a chance against the older products or not.


SEOSpyder is just one of the many SEO products developed by MobilioDevelopment

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How to use QR barcode in Adobe Photoshop Thu, 15 Aug 2013 12:43:31 +0000 In this article I will show you how to use QREncoder and Photoshop in order to insert QR barcode in sticker, poster or business card. The QR generator is an application for Mac OSX that can be downloaded for Free from our website. Using it you can produce fully-functional QR barcode. There are two versions of the QREncoder – Free and Pro. The Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program. It has a lot of features and now I am going to show you how to use them together with QREncoder. Probably for most of you it is not so easy to work with the Photoshop but I will help you with a few simple steps “How to use QR barcode in Adobe Photoshop”.

 To begin with we have to generate Quick Responsive code with our QR generator

1. First you have to start your QREncoder. Then select from the content menu, what type of data you want to encode. As you can see, I have chosen URL. After this input the content in the edit box. If you want you can change your printing scale, error correction level, the color of the barcode and background and also you can make the barcode to be Micro QR. You do not know how to do these things? Watch our video tutorial about QREncoder.


This is how The QRENcoder looks like. My QR barcode is ready.


2. After generating your Quick Responsive barcode and selecting the features that you want to be applied to the barcode, you have to save it in order to continue. You can save it as *.png, *.eps and *.svg. I am saving my barcode in PNG format. You have to write the name of the barcode and hit “Save”.


After generating your QR barcode, you have to save it.


Now let’s start up the Photoshop and start the process of inserting the Quick Responsive code

3. Now you have to start your Photoshop. Here I am using Photoshop CC, but you can make the whole process with all versions of the Adobe Photoshop. After creating a new file and opening image as a background you have to select “File” from the Menu. Then select “Place…”.


Select File -> Place


4. Here you have to find your generated QR barcode, select it and hit “Place”.


Find your QR barcode and click “Place”


5. This is how it looks like after placing the QR barcode on the image. Now you can rotate it, resize it, change its color or just place it on the perfect place for you. Read more about “How to make my QR nicer in 5 mins?


The QR barcode is inserted.


6. For example I decided to resize it, rotate it a little bit and place it on the right side of the business card.


Your new business card is ready!

So this is how you can use Photoshop CC and QREncoder (QREncoderPro) together in your work. I hope this tutorial was helpful for you and now everything is clear. If you have some question or you want to share your opinion, feel free to do so on our social medias or simply in the comment section below.

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Googlebot–Mobile interprets QR code images? Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:02:10 +0000 Googlebot – Mobile is a search engine crawler that studies, as its name suggests, mobile sites. The data it gathers is used primarily to improve the user experience on mobile search. So basically if you have an optimized mobile site it won’t only be indexed from some search engine spiders – it will receive some attention from mobile search engine spiders, like Googlebot – Mobile.

A day ago, while I was reading posts on LinkedIn, I came accross something very interesting. A man was describing how he had found that this crawler in particular – the Googlebot-Mobile – is able to interpret onpage QR codes. Here is a snipped from his post:

“Anyway, we noticed on our servers (in the logfiles) that Google also crawls QR codes and interprets them accordingly. No, there are no links on the image itself. The Google bot interprets the QR code images for indexing purposes.

Probably now you are as amazed as I was. Who would suppose that Google’s bots are able to interpret QR codes? This means that putting QR codes on regular websites is not a useless tactic at all.

So we, from Moblio, using our free QR generator, decided to make a little test and to see whether this is true. We will put a QR code under this article that will lead to some page. After a period of time we will check who have come to this page and if there is a Google bot’s IP the experiment will be plausible. There will be no link on the image, as the guy from LinkedIn said. If the Googlebot-Mobile eventually succeeds to get there this will mean only one thing: Googlebot – Mobile is capable of “scanning” onpage QR codes. If so, inserting QR codes as images in your website might become the next “SEO trick” for ranking higher.


Scan me!

After we finish with the test, we will share with you the results and tell you what we think about them.

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Intelligent use of QR code in fixing issues Fri, 28 Jun 2013 13:47:38 +0000 QR code is a two – dimensional matrix barcode. Nowadays it is widely used in our every day life. You can find it almost everywhere. For example QR barcode can be used in the advertising, helping service, to lead the people to some URL or to your website. With this type of barcode you can encode some SMS message, telephone number, some password, calendar event and all kind of cantact information. All this kind of stuff can be done by using our QREncoder that makes 100% compliant QR barcodes. It has an user – friendly interface and is available on the AppStore. If you are interest in this application you can find some tutorials on its page.

A few days ago I found something very interesting. It was a picture that shows how Samsung is using QR barcodes in order to help to their clients in troubleshooting some refrigerator. Here is the picture:

Good use of QR codes

Good use of QR codes (click to zoom)

As you can see on the top of the list is written: “Top 5 troubleshooting tips for your refrigerator”. And after that there is a list of problems that may have occur to you. If you scan them with some QR Reader, you will have this result:

  • By scanning the first QR barcode it will lead you to a video that shows you how to solve the problem with the ice maker.
  • By scanning the second QR barcode, there will appear a video that will help you to solve the problem with cooling.
  • The third QR barcode will show you a video tutorial about how to control the display and setting like energy saver, ice off, ice type and child lock.
  • The fourth barcode will show you a video that will help you with the frosting in freezer.
  • And the last one will lead you to a video that will help you in the connection between your refrigerator and Wi-Fi.

All this kind of data can be encoded even by you if you use QREncoder. It is an OSX application that is available for Free from the Mac Appstore.
This is one of all examples how useful is the QR barcode and how it is used. It is almost everywhere and can help you in situation even like this I have described above.

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Passbook – ticket, boarding pass, card and coupon in one place Fri, 14 Jun 2013 12:06:29 +0000 Passbook is an iOS application that allows the users to store their coupons, boarding passes, tickets and other forms of mobile payment. The application was released as a stock application part of iOS 6 on September 19, 2012.

The main advantage of this application is the geo location and the real time update of information. For example, if you are entering some coffee shop for which you have a coupon, it will appear on your screen in order to remind you. Also if you have booked a flight ticket and on the airport you are going to the wrong gate or terminal it will signalize and show you the right place where you have to go. At all this application is synchronized with your calendar and will remind you about all events whose deadline is approaching. The only thing that you have to do is to give the barcode to be scanned on the pass. You can add passes to Passbook via apps, mail messages and more.


Passbook – alleviating your life since iOS 6


The Passbook application works with the following types of 2D barcodes: Aztec code, PDF417 code and QR code. The other features that are available in the Passbook are:

  • Activated by location;
  • Activated by time of pass;
  • Localisation of the pass;

QR Code & Aztec Code & PDF417 Code – 2D Matrix Barcodes


One of the barcodes that Passbook works with is QR code. QR stands for Quick Response Code. It is a 2D matrix barcode. Using QREncoder you can generate QR code that gives the users information about phone number, e-mail, meCard, any kind of URLs and geo locations, depends on that what kind of data do you want to encode.


Scan me!


The other barcode used in Passbook is PDF417 code. PDF stands for Portable Data File. It is 2D barcode and some of its main pluses are:

  • High data capacity;
  • Error correction levels;
  • Macro PDF417;

PDF417Encoder is our PDF417 barcode generator. Download it now from the Mac AppStore and create 100% compliant PDF417 codes. After all you can save your final barcode as PNG, EPS and SVG image.



Portable Data File 417


Aztec code is also used in this application. It is two – dimensional barcode, mainly used in the transportation industry or boarding passes. Also some government, like Poland’s, is using Aztec barcode in the car registration documents. As you can see it looks like almost like the QR code. Something typical for the 2D barcodes is that they offer “error correction level”. Read more about Aztec code here.


Aztec 2D matrix barcode


If you are interest in barcode generation, we from Mobilio, can offer you a bunch of barcode generators: “All Mobilio’s barcode generators”. Download them and use them to produce 100% compliant barcodes. In the long list you will find products like QREncoder, PDF417Encoder, DataMatrixEncoder and many others.

In conclusion Passbook is an awesome iOS application that can help you in storing a list of paper payments. Using it you can make your life easier.

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The new version of SendSMS is in testing period Wed, 08 May 2013 13:37:22 +0000 SendSMS is an OSX application that allows you to send messages to your friends. Now we have SendSMS version 2. The interface is very nice and easy to use. It is upgraded from the previous version. With it you can send SMS and receive answers. Also the main plus of this new version is that it supports Twilio. So now we are still testing this application. In case you have Twilio account, contact with us in order to help us in the testing.

SendSMS was release on December 13th 2012. It was downloaded over 22 000 times. It is very famous in the Mac AppStore. It is Free and with user – friendly iterface. The only limitation is that the number to who you are texting must be on some of the North American operators.

SendSMS version 2

 On the screenshot below you can see how SendSMS2 actually looks. It is nice, isn’t it? On the left side you can see all telephone numbers you have ever communicate to. On the right side you can see what you have texted to the selected number. Also if  in your account you have a few telephone numbers you can switch it. This option can be find on the bottom of the screen, below the conversation.

The next screenshot shows how to log in your Twilio account by this application. It is very easy. Just type the Owner Account SID, SID and Authorization Token.

 Here you can see how to create your own Twilio account. This is very important because you must have an account in order to use Twilio’s service. It is very easy. Type your “Owner Account SID”, “SID” and “Authorization Token”. After this click “Done” and everything is ready.

 The next upgraded option of SendSMS is SMS status. With it you can check when, to who, from which telephone number and whether the SMS was sent or not. You have to click on the icon in order to check this information.

On the next picture it is shown how to send messages. First select the number from which you want to send the message. Then select the number to who the SMS is and type the text of the SMS in the box and click “Send”. Now everything is ready. The message is sent and now you have to wait the answer.


Contact with us on our e-mail: in order to take part in the testing period of SendSMS2. The only condition that you have to do is to have Twilio account.

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SendSMS for OSX Thu, 02 May 2013 12:12:37 +0000  

SendSMS is an app, for Mac devices, that allows you to send SMS to your friends for free. You can send SMS to anybody you want but there are some limitations. The person to who is the text message must have American telephone number and to be on one of these telephone operators: AT&T Wireless, Verizon, Sprint PCS or T – Mobile. Also the maximum messages you can send per day is 75. SendSMS’s interface is quite simple and intuitive. Look for SendSMS now on the Mac AppStore and download it for Free.

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