DoFollowURL Safari Plug-In

DoFollowURL Safari Plug-in


Basically there are two main methods for building some links yourself today – by collaborating with others who link to your site and then you return the favor or by browsing the web, looking for sites and systems in which you can publish your content and receive a few good dofollow links for free. Our product – the DoFollowURL plug-in for Safari – is all about the second method.

To begin with a little prehistory about backlinking – the word that probably gives the creeps to most of the SEO experts as long as achieving it is one of the toughest jobs in the process of search engine optimization. That is right, gaining qualitative link juice is hard but also very efficient and highly valued by the site crawlers. It is the good backlinking strategy that can give you a substantial boost in the SERP.

Nearly 10 years ago the Internet was like a heaven for the SEO spammers, who were going from site to site, from forum to forum and were unfairly squeezing their link juice. Unfairly because, if now quality is above quantity, back then it was quite the opposite. If someone visited 30 sites/ forums/ directories/ etc., made 30 registrations and posted 30 threads/posts/articles in the end of the day this someone would have 30 new links, all leading to his/her site. Ok but not everybody were fair enough to sit down and generate 30 unique pieces of content – the easier way was to generate one and simply post it 30 times wherever he/she wanted. The result was a link to web design site posted in a forum/site for cars or clothes. So what did the search engines do in order to punish such crooks and spammers – they got smarter. They started to indicate a bunch of metrics connected with the links like the relevancy of the anchor text with the content of the page to which the link leads, the uniqueness of the page to which the link leads and how many other links point to this page. Practically the better the people who link to you are the “tastier” will be the link juice  served on your table. What was also introduced by the search engines was the link classification. Nowadays they can be divided into two groups from a SEO point of view:

  • Dofollow links;
  • Nofollow links;

The Dofollow and Nofollow are actually the two values of the attribute “rel” that tells a search engine bot whether to take a particular link in account (whether to follow it) or not when calculating the link juice. This was all made in the name of a better and cleaner SEO world. And it succeeded because most of the links in the forums and social networks are automatically being assigned with rel=”nofollow when submited. If no such thing is done, no matter automatically or manually, the submitted/published link remains “dofollow” until “second orders”. The question is how can a SEO expert who is looking for some good backlinking sources understand what the links are in a specific site – dofollow or nofollow. You can always open the source of the site and examine the code tag by tag while you finally find some a-href-s and check the rel attribute. Seriously?!? Open the source code?!? There are much easier and, more importantly, FREE ways to check dofollow/nofollow links like our freshly released plug-in for Safari called DoFollowURL. How to use it? In 3 extremely simple steps:

  • Click on the green Download button to get the plug-in file;
  • Open it with Safari in order to install it;
  • Enter any random site and notice how some links are normal and some are crossed – the normal are dofollow and the crossed are nofollow;

DoFollowURL is really easy to use, although use here is pretty relative – you don’t actually navigate through any interface or something like that – just install it once and let it work for you all the time. There are numerous CMS bookmarking publishing systems like Pligg, PhpDug or Sharetronix which can provide you with good and useful backlinks. However not all the links there are dofollow. For example only the link that is put in your profile as a signature might be dofollow and all the other links on your posts – nofollow. How can you understand that with single glimpse before signing up for such a system – with DoFollowURL of course! Enter the site and check! Simple as that! Currently the plug-in is available only for the Safari browser (Apple is our love after all) but in future multi-browser support might be released. DoFollowURL is truly amazing feature that can help you greatly when going hunting for qualitative dofollow backlinks! Check it out now! If you want some more SEO tools made by Mobilio click here. Safari SEOBar is the other SEO tool. Check it out now!


DoFollowURL Plug-In for OSX

dofollow versus nofollow url in test site

dofollow and nofollow hyperlinks in news site

dofollow and nofollow links in social network


Here you can see how to work with the app by watching our video tutorials.




File size: 5 Kb

Latest Version: 1.0


System Requirements:

Safari 5.0

This software is 100% Compatible with Mac OS X from Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) to  Yosemite (OS X 10.10).