iPad, iPhone and Android Programming by Mobilio

Professional software development for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

Mobilio is a software company located in USA and Europe Bulgaria that specializes in quality software development for the major mobile OS like iOS and Android.

We have extensive experience in developing successful applications for iPhone and iPad tablets as well as Android phones. Our latest projects for Mac are one of the most downloaded pieces of software worldwide.

As we are extending our portfolio, we also develop for other popular software developers as subcontractors. Others choose us because of our knowledge and experience in this field, as well as short development deadlines and quality of service.

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What can we do for you?

As one of the fastest growing development companies for mobile software in the world, we can handle your sophisticated projects and impress your customers.
What matters to us is the overall customer experience that our applications create. Usability, designs, perfect implementation – this is what it takes for an application to be a great application. Here are few of the many features we can enhance your app with:

  • Geolocation – Developing mobile apps with geo positioning.
  • iPad programming – Stylish application design for iPad made to impress.
  • iPhone software development – Creating feature rich interactive applications.
  • Mobile VOIP system development – Embedding Voice Over IP into mobile apps.
  • Mobile websites Make your website mobile friendly to fit the small screens.
  • Printed media digitalization Make your printed magazine or newspaper readable in iPad/iPhone.
  • Paid Applications with online payments through the Apple store.

What have we done until now?

We have developed a lot of apps for iOS, OSX and Android. There are 12 apps for OSX with which you can generate barcodes. All of them can be used in your work as well as in your every – day life. You can find them here. In case you want to use some SEO tools, Mobilio can help you. We have developed 4 apps for iOS, OSX and Android that help our user in the SEO and they are all Free. You can read more about them here. And do you know what? These are not all of our apps. We are not only thinking about work. We have apps for entertaining. Some of them are: BGLiveRadion (available for iOS & OSX), SendSMS (available for OSX), Kaldata (available for iOS & Android), Seir (available for iOS), Facts! (available for iOS) and Retina Walls (available for iOS). All of our apps are with quite simple and intuitive interface, designed perfectly and available on the Mac AppStore and on the Google Play. We also offer you to sign up for Mobilio mailing list. You can find it on the right side of your Blog section.

You want to contact with Mobilio?

In case you want to contact with us you can visit our webpage Contact us or by typing to our e-mail address, which is [email protected]. The other way you can contact with us is by phoning on this number: +1 617 615 6945. We will try to give you the information you want as soon as possible.