ITF14 barcode, also known as Shipping Container Symbol, is used for the designation of boxes, cartons and pallets that contain products with UPC/EAN barcodes. The etymology of the name is simple – ITF stands for “Interleaved Two of Five” and the “14” shows the total of numeric digits that can be encoded. These figures are divided into several groups:

  • 1st digit – serves as a packaging indicator (3 for inner packs, 5 for carton, 7 for pallet);
  • 2nd to 3rd digit – show the UPC numbering system or EAN prefix;
  • 4th to 8th digit: presents the manufacturer’s identification number;
  • 9th to 13th digit – the identification number of the item;
  • 14th digit – check digit;

There are two lines that are typical for the ITF14 and they are the top and bottom bars of the barcode, called “bearer bars”. There is sometimes a probability the barcode to be scanned diagonally and only a part of it to be read. These two lines insure that the scan is made accurately and that the whole data is assimilated.

If you are a manager of a big store or a warehouse you definitely need such black-and-white labels in order to designate all the products. Now you can make them on your own with using our encoding software – ITF14Encoder.

ITF14Encoder is ITF14 barcode generator that creates 100% functioning ITF14 barcodes perfectly applicable on your packages, cartons, boxes or pallets. Maximally simplified, the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. You will make qualitative barcodes even if you have never done it before. You store will become more organized and everything will be adequately categorized. You would say that manually generating numerous barcodes daily is really time-consuming but ITF14Encoder has a solution for you. The option “Bulk generation” allows you to create tens or hundreds of ITF14 barcodes at once for multiple products. Save the image in a desired image or vector format. If you choose the last you will be able to scale the image without losing its quality, which sometimes is essential for big pallets.

ITF14Encoder will transform the process of barcode making into clear and effortless activity. Check out our other great barcode generation apps: QREncoder and EANEncoder, available on the Mac AppStore!




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