Seir – 24/7 source of amusement.

Imagine the following situation: while walking down the street you see something really funny. Of course you capture it with your phone-camera and that’s where everything ends. It shouldn’t be like that. Don’t be selfish by keeping the amusing moment only for you. Share it with “Seir”.

“Seir” is and application that is used for capturing, uploading and viewing any kind of interesting and provoking photos from your daily lifestyle. As a result you won’t be the only one who laughs at an epic picture. Sharing your amusement with the others will make you more sociable and outgoing. Here you can meet people who are not only humorous but share your interests as well.

Moreover Seir’s main purpose is not only to entertain. It offers its users a stage to ridicule any kind of absurds with public aspect. Using sarcasm and irony is the perfect way to raise people’s attention over a problem and make them think about it.

Seir is currently developed for iPod and iPhone Touch. We are now developing and an Android version. For the moment Seir is being distributed for free and is available on the Mac AppStore. Check it! There you can also find out other applications like BGLiveRadio (available for iOS and OSX), Kaldata (available for iOS and Android), Facts or Retina Walls.


Screenshot for Seir 3

Screenshot for Seir 4


Here you can see how to work with the app by watching our video tutorials.




File size: 0.9 MB

Latest Version: 1.0

Available for iOS


System Requirements:

iOS: 3.1 or later

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later.