Apple 23-rd of October event

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Apple 23-rd of October event

Well we’ve all been waiting for the event on the 23-rd of October and we can’t wait to find out what exactly will be unveiled because Apple has not given us any hints on what exactly we will be seeing but there are some rumors and pricing for products that are not actually ready to ship and stuff they did say would be coming out soon.

So what are things we expect to see?


The iPad mini

First of all the main “attraction” will be the new iPad mini. With it’s 7.85-inch retina display and because of the $329 starting price it will undoubtedly be the star! The resolution should be the same as the iPad 3’s in the best scenario but probably it will have iPhone 5’s resolution. for it’s guts we speculate that it will share the A6 chip and lets hope that the low price won’t make them cut back on power and put and older chip or less ram in there.  We will know very soon.


Lightning connector iPads

Prices for iPad 3s with lightning connector ports and the connector itself, have come up on several sites, eliminating the 30-pin connector from the design and rendering new owners with old cables, well cable-less. Let’s hope we do not see the name iPad 4 on the box, which if it does, will be a kick to the groin when the only changes are the connectors. And if only the connectors have changed the price should stay the same.


Mac mini

We should also be seeing updates in the Mac mini lineup and supposedly they will have a RAM upgrade and/or a processor upgrade or an all around performance boost. The pricing will stay in the same range “supposedly” as the current models. Let’s hope we get a USB 3.0 as well because it would be a shame if the device is not up-to-date with current plug-able hardware.


The new 13-inch MacBook Pro

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display will be another star of the event. It will look like the 15-inch retina model but it will offer better portability, a new processor options and more storage options. It will start at $1,699 but who wouldn’t want a smaller design MacBook with the gorgeous Retina Display. Well it will not be a better choice if you do have the 15-inch one but for new buyers it will be perfect.


iTunes 11 and iBooks in education

iTunes 11 will be announced to and the introduction of iBooks 3.0 is inevitable since Tim Cook is realty fighting to integrate the iPad in the schools and it will not shock us if the iPad mini is just for that. But until the event happens we cannot be sure how Cook will run the show but we do expect that an education oriented presentation will be there  to show us how good is the iPad for education and how can it help. Well having a text book which can hold all of your school books and class sessions and still have internet access is awesome but you do have to spend the extra cash for pleasure though.


Lastly there will be news about iOS 6.01 which supposedly would fix previous bugs and issues but we are trying to tap the unknown until the event comes we can only imagine and read rumors. Well fingers crossed that we get the stuff mentioned above