Barcode apps made by Mobilio

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Barcode apps made by Mobilio


The barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of a data related to the object on which the barcode is placed. We can find barcode all around us. They are on the cartoon of juice, the bottle of mineral water and basically everywhere else in our life. Now there is the logical question “But where do they come from? Who is generating them?” Can I generate my own? And here Mobilio is coming. We have made 11 apps for OSX that generate barcodes. In the list below you can find some more information about them.


Barcode apps

1) QR code generator – These are universal products that allow you to make 100% working QR codes. QR stands for Quick Responsive and is a 2D barcode that can be scanned 360°. You can read more about QR code here. In fact any type of data can be encoded with QREncoder – e-mail address, http address, phone number, SMS message and many others. You can do all these processes very easy using the user-friendly interface. Select the content type, fill the edit box and there it is – the perfect QR code ready to be scanned. For the moment there are two versions of the QREncoder – a Free version and a Pro version. The difference between them is that the Pro version supports EPS vector image export. So next time you are looking for a QR generator check out for QREncoder and QREncoderPro on the QR code generator.

QR code

Mobilio’s QR code

2) BarcodeEncoder is multifunctional software that generates almost all kind of codes. It is basically combination of UPC code, EAN code, Code39 code, Code128 code, PDF417 code, ITF14 code, DataMatrix code, PharmaCode, PZN code, Aztec code, Gridmatrix code and NVE 18 code. With its intuitive navigation you can generate all these barcodes very easily. If barcodes are great part of your business our product will definitely save your day. The only thing you have to do is to type-in the data that will be encrypted. After this you get the code ready to be scanned. So next time you are looking for some multifunctional barcode generator check out for BarcodeEncoder on the Mac AppStore.

BarcodeEncoder generating UPC, EAN, Code39, Code128 and other barcodes



3) Code39Encoder is Code39 code creator. It is an alpha – numeric barcode that is widely used in the industry. It allows you to encode all the uppercase (from A to Z), digits (from 0 to 9) and a number of other symbols like “-”, “.”, “$”, “/”, “+”, “%” and space. Here is a list of the main features of the Code39Encoder:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Create Code39 barcodes with add-on;
  • Save your created codes in PNG, EPS and SVG file format, which can be later edited;
  • Provides mass barcode generation – producing multiple barcode;
Code39 barcode

Mobilio’s Code39 code

You can find Code39Encoder on the Mac AppStore.

4) Code128Encoder is Code128 barcode producing software. Code128 is a very high-density code symbology.  Code128Encoder is a desktop app with excellent functionality and simple interface. It exports the completed barcode in a few image formats – PNG, EPS and SVG. This enables the user to customize his barcodes, with graphic editor. You can find Code128Encoder on the Mac AppStore.

Code128 barcode

Mobilio’s Code128 code

5) EANEncoder is EAN barcode generator that creates 100% compliant EAN barcodes. They can be of perfect use in your package designs, illustrations, magazines, adverts, etc. Here is a list of some of the features of the EAN barcode generator:

  • Easy navigation through the program and user-friendly-interface;
  • Create EAN13 Barcodes with 13 digits and 5 Digits addon;
  • Outputs the generated codes in PNG, EPS and SVG image formats;
  • Handles bulk barcode generation;
  • Enter or paste your data;
EANEncoder generating EAN barcode


You can find EAN barcode generator on the Mac AppStore.

6) UPCEncoder – Universal Product Code Generator. UPCEncoder is UPC barcode generator that creates perfectly functioning UPC barcodes for use in package designs, illustrations, magazines, adverts, etc. The simple and userfriendly interface turns the making of UPC barcodes into a piece of cake. After generating the necessary code you can save it in a desired image or vector format. Here is a list of some of the main features or the UPC barcode generator:

  • Easy to user-friendly interface;
  • Generate standard compliant barcodes;
  • Create UPCA Barcodes with 12 digits and UPC-5 5 Digits addon;
  • Save (export) your created barcodes in PNG, EPS and SVG file formats;
  • Allows bulk barcode generation – Generate multiple barcodes at once;
  • Enter or paste your data;
UPC barcode generator


You can find UPC barcode generator on the here.

7) PDF417Encoder, as it name suggests, generates PDF417 codes. PDF stands for Portable Data File and 417 stands for the following: each character is encoded with 4 bars and spaces and their total width is always 17 units. PDF417 is a two – dimensional, linear barcode which is used for product identification or tracking during transport. It is our PDF417 barcode generator that creates perfectly functioning PDF417 barcodes for use in packages. PDF417 is accepted by the US Postal Service as an equivalent of the post stamp. The formats in which you can save your final creations are PNG, EPS and SVG images. You can find our PDF417 barcode generator on the here.

PDF417 code

Mobilio’s PDF417 code

8) ITF14Encoder stand for International Two of Five and the “14” shows the total of numeric digits that can be encoded. It is known as Shipping Container Symbol and is used for the designation of boxes, pallet, etc. that contain product with UPC/EAN barcode. ITF14Encoder is ITF14 barcode generator that creates functioning ITF14 barcodes. The interface is maximally simplified and is user-friendly. You can find our ITF14 generator on the here.

ITF14 barcode

ITF14 code

9) DataMatrixEncoder is the Data Matrix barcode generator made by Mobilio. With it you can produce 100% compliant DataMatrix barcodes. Usually they are used in package design, illustration, magazines, adverts, etc. Data Matrix is a 2D code that can store numeric digits, text and binary data. So next time you need of Data Matrix barcode generator you can look for DataMatrixEncoder here.

DataMatrix barcode

Mobilio’s DataMatrix code

10) PharmaCodeEncoder is a barcode generator that produces PharmaCode barcodes. It is also known as Pharmaceutical Binary Code. This type of barcodes is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacode is 1D barcode that uses only one type of spaces and two types of bars – narrow and wide in its encoding techniques. With the PharmaCodeEncoder’s user – friendly interface you can make your own PharmaCode barcodes quickly and save them as PNG, SVG and EPS. So next time you need this type of barcode generator check out for PharmaCodeEncoder on the Mac Appstore.

Pharma code

Pharma code