SEOggestor is going to recieve an updated version

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SEOggestor is going to recieve an updated version

Greetings to all Mobilio app users! We’ve had reports about some issues with SEOggestor not working properly and not showing results from and we are glad to announce that a new version has been released in the Apple app store which contains a fix for that. Apparently Amazon have made some changes in their URLs and the site in all and SEOggestor has stopped giving information from it. The culprit was that the app was searching for results using the old URLs which were obsolete! Now the app is updated and fixed and can bring you all the SEO goodness you were used to! And you’ve forgotten or do not know what SEOggestor does, then i will explain:

SEOggestor is a very useful app if you want to optimize your site for the search engines. Basically the app saves you A LOT of time searching for keywords and key-phrases that pop up first before you’ve finished writing in the search boxes, the auto-complete phrase/sentence option of all search engines. That means that you just need to type a word or phrase in the field and the application will automatically give you all the auto-complete results from all the search giants, allowing you to use them in your site, thus greatly improving the chances that your site will be on the first page and on one of the top result positions if someone searches with that key word or phrase!

SEOggestor displays results from the following:

  • Google;
  • Bing;
  • Yahoo;
  • Youtube;
  • Amazon;
  • Yandex;

Download now SEOggestor for OSX from the Mac AppStore.

For more detailed information visit the product’s page for one of the respected operating systems of your choosing:

Thank you and have a nice day!